Monday, 31 August 2015

The Transgender Fraud

You can see it gathering pace. The Huffington Post called it The Next Civil Rights Frontier and the sickly fawning over Bruce Jenner's decision, in his 60s, to become Caitlin Jenner. While CNN all but directly blamed the parents for causing the suicide of their 17 year old son by not embracing his wish to be a woman in one of the most cynical and one sided articles you could ever hope to read.

Of course Britain as usual is thoughtlessly bounding after this clearly ridiculous American craze. The BBC are fully on board as you'd expect with this article explaining how happy two young boys were to be treated as girls at the ages of 6 and 8; while Louis Theroux made a programme about some 'pioneering medical professionals' who are helping people change gender at ever younger ages.

Just to be very clear about what this means - children as young as 6 years old are being taken seriously in their expressed desire to be raised as members of the opposite sex. By age 11, or Tanner Stage 2 of puberty that can be administered 'puberty blocker' hormones to delay puberty until they are in a position to choose which sex they wish to be. Worth repeating. The perfectly natural and healthy development of children into adults is being medically delayed in case they wish to change gender.

One of the most common drugs used in this is Lupron. Luron isn't actually designed for this use. It is used to stop precocious (early-onset) puberty in children and to reduce the symptoms of prostate cancer in adult men. Lupron used on children and adolescents is said to cause "disastrous irreversible damage to sexual functioning," the long term effects of use in this way are completely unknown.

Secondly the idea that this treatment in itself will not prove hugely traumatic and disruptive to the life of these adolescents seems absurd. How can the child possibly develop mentally into the adult of the physical sex they are when they are prevented from doing so by drugs?

They are conditioned at a very vulnerable stage of their lives into believing a total myth that they can simply choose a gender and have surgery to make reality conform to this fantasy. It is nonsense.

I can't see this as anything other than child abuse.

If it is harmless then why not extend this choice to all children and let them make a fully informed choice about gender much later in life? Of course no-one would advocate such a thing at present. Who knows where a few more years of this insanity will lead?

There are detractors of course, and not just the religious right. Renowned psychiatrist and former Chair of Psychiatry of Johns Hopkins Paul McHugh wrote an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal explaining why he ended gender reassignment surgery. Feminist Julie Bindel has also voiced her opposition and come in for considerable flak for doing so, from the usual guard dogs of the politically correct Taliban - the NUS, feminist groups, and other activists.

And it's not just acceptance they seek. According to these estimates about 0.4% of the UK population defines themselves as "non-binary" and 31% of those confidently identify as trans. Out of a population of 60 million with a bit of farmer's maths I make that about 74,000 trans people in the UK, or slightly less than 1 in 800 people. I find that number quite high, but even so  that means you could go your whole life without knowing any trans people at all, and if they're somewhat convincingly presented as a woman you'd probably never have cause to find out. If this tiny number of adults wanted to parade around as being members of the opposite sex it seems doubtful that many people would even notice, let alone "discriminate" against them or treat them as outcasts.

But that wouldn't be enough. They want approval. They want the sort of gratuitous fawning that greeted Bruce Jenner, and they want permission to live out their obscure fantasies and impose them on children who they diagnose as having gender dysphoria. It is an absurd situation, and one which is being aggressively pushed as normal.