Monday, 24 August 2015

Collective Masochism

Many years ago in Hong Kong I met a local girl. We talked and quickly became very well acquainted. She was fascinated by all things western, very dubious about the role of the People's Republic in Hong Kong, and committed to liberal western democracy. As a middle-class Honky she was well off so this wasn't simply a money thing, and just so you know, we didn't meet in one of the infamous bars of Wan Chai where aspiring Suzy Wongs are friendly and easily to become acquainted with. During an energetic sex session one day she blurted out a barrage of self-deprecating racism and encouraged me to join in with it. The amateur psychologist in me was fascinated by this even mid act. When we discussed this later she confided that this was not a one off thing. She had a sexual fetish for racial and cultural degradation. It was bizarre though I must admit quite fun. Talking about it afterwards it appeared that there wasn't really a hard and fast division between her sexual desires and her political outlook.

The more I observe Britain and the west's ongoing death spiral from afar, and especially the current migrant crisis, the more I come to the conclusion that it's nothing to do with compassion. Nor is it an ideological belief in one world where we all move around freely, and live side by side as equals, nor any of the other usual explanations. Rather it seems more and more that many 'liberals' have some sort of a masochistic love of seeing our culture suppressed, denigrated and destroyed. A dystopian fantasy, that is reminiscent of my Hong Kong encounter.

Obviously it's nearly impossible to come up with hard evidence of this, but when you look at various stories and reports in that light it's hard not to notice it. Many of these people appear to have a sort of deep rooted sexual desire to be taken advantage of by aggressive immigrants.

I'm starting a Collective Masochism tag to flag up stories which illustrate this. Please do feel free to send me more, or your own examples of such stories.