Friday, 7 August 2015

A very smokey fire

Someone making a wholly malicious accusation of child molestation against a prominent politician in the current climate seems to be a pretty strong case of perverting the course of justice. So it seems a bit strange that Ben Fellows was recently found Not Guilty of perverting the course of justice for making a historic child abuse accusation against Kenneth Clarke. Something with the potential to cause massive damage in the current climate.

Now it is quite possible that after 21 years there was simply insufficient evidence to either prosecute Clarke for molestation or Fellows for making a false allegation. However, Fellows accusations are quite specific. In 1994 he was part of a cash-for-questions sting operation by The Cook Report targeting Clarke, who he alleges plied him with alcohol and sexually abused him in the office political lobbyist Ian Greer. It doesn't really sound like there's a lot of room for error or mistaken identity there. This wasn't a mysterious figure taking him from a children's home late one night, but a targeted investigation which uncovered something even more dramatic than was originally intended. It either happened or it's a fabrication. The law on perverting the course of justice covers fabricating evidence, and effecting a public mischief, both of which would seem to describe Fellows behaviour if the court believes the allegations were wholly false.

Perhaps even more curious still is Fellows statement immediately after the trial that while he stands by his allegations, he “shall make no further comment now or in the future about Mr Clarke and the events of 1994.” 

Why would this be? It seems that the court has decided these allegations are not unfounded or malicious and that Fellows believes he was interfered with by a prominent politician. Even if no criminal prosecution can be brought against Clarke then surely having brought it this far he could either bring a private prosecution or at least encourage others to come forward so that Clarke can face justice while he is still alive.

His vow of silence seems to suggest a deal has been done. Quite what the deal is we may never know, but the deal maker would appear to be Justice Peregrine Simon. As well as acquitting Fellows, Simon also ordered that the jury not be told about another, entirely separate investigation by South Yorkshire Police into Clarke's interference with underage boys. Simon is the son of Jocelyn (Baron) Simon of Glaisdale, a founding member of the One Nation Group along with Clarke and Heath. According to Simon adjourning the case to let the other investigation take it's course would take too long, and just be too much trouble for such a minor matter.

So far so normal then, a Tory sexual cover up over 20 years ago, and a quite possibly dramatised recollection of events by Fellows.

Except there's more. You see in 1994, just around the time of the alleged incident a promising young Conservative researcher rather abruptly left politics and went over to Carlton Communications as Director of Corporate Affairs. His name was David Cameron, and he is the current Prime Minister.

Carlton was the baby of one Michael Green who through his marriage to Janet Wolfson, daughter of Conservative life peer Lord Wolfson, and cousin of Lord Young, the Conservative Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, Cameron's brief at the Conservative Research Department. In 1994, around the time of the alleged incident and Carlton hiring David Cameron, the company acquired Central Television who made The Cook Report, the programme that Fellows was working on when the alleged abuse took place. The episode in question mysteriously disappeared, the only episode cancelled in this fashion, as apparently after a few months accusations of cabinet ministers accepting bribes would have been "dated." All seems very cosy and convenient.

The Cook Report was cancelled in 1998, with Cameron still in situ, where he remained until being parachuted in to an ultra safe Conservative seat in 2001. Four years later he was leader of the Conservative party and by 2010 Prime Minister. Quite a career.

None of this of course is conclusive proof of any impropriety by Clarke, or of any assistance or collusion on the part of Cameron. Conclusive proof of anything in the sorry saga of the Westminster paedophile ring is a scarce commodity. However, it does not seem beyond the realms of possibility that both Clarke and Simon were keen to close the matter off once and for all, and that with Cameron now leading a majority Conservative government they had the perfect opportunity to do this, and do it by whatever means to ensure the silence of Fellows and others.

The more details emerge, the more probable it seems that a very powerful clique at the very highest levels of British politics and media have conspired to cover up grotesque child abuse, and through their culture of secrecy and silence have created a situation where paedophilia is rife across the very top echelons of society.