Thursday, 13 August 2015

Degradation Fetishists Dressed as Liberals

That rather alarming title is about the best I can think of for this utterly ridiculous video. It shows a group of French morons pretending to be kind by feeding the swarm of illegal migrants camped out around Calais hoping to come and enrich the United Kingdom.

This sorry band, led by dismal baby-boomer Claudine are going out and doing the begging on behalf of the assorted human misery living in fields around Calais, and getting local businesses to donate food, so that they can get a taste of life in England by living for free before they even get there. And what sort of reaction would you expect from these poor and downtrodden folk who are the recipients of this largess?

Even someone as cynical as me was a bit surprised to see them besieging and robbing the van when our saintly dupe noticed that they were hoarding boxes to sell to their fellow illegals. They drove off with one of them hanging out the back of their van emptying the contents out to his friends. Incredibly this only seemed to enhance Claudine's idiotically misplaced sympathy and she returned the next day bringing cans of halal ravioli to a colony of Somalians. When they noticed that the cans were past their best before date they angrily refused them and eventually tipped their contents out on the ground, almost quite literally throwing Claudine's "kindness" back in her face. She retreated, offended by the waste of food. This waste actually did annoy Claudine, but her anger wasn't directed at the supposedly poor and desperate Somalians who had just thrown away perfectly good free food. Oh no, as she and the gormless blob of silence in the van drove off she blamed "consumer society." Somalia, with an annual GDP of $246 can't really have much by way of rampant consumerism, so I presume she means the western consumer society which they have recently arrived in.

I tried hard to be generous to Claudine and think that she was simply an aging, na├»ve simpleton who thought she was being kind. The sort of lady who "charities" prey on to set up direct debits. It won't fly, though. Someone who was simply kind and compassionate would have stopped at the point that her van was besieged and assaulted. They would have been rightly offended, annoyed and disillusioned by this behaviour. Not Claudine though, she is back the next day getting more abuse from the recipients of her kindness. It could be a martyr complex, but she doesn't really come across as someone intent on broadcasting her generosity. In my experience, such people do more self-promotion and apart from a few photo ops with babies. The (video) photo op Claudine put out on YouTube shows her being berated by the very people she is trying to help. 

This is the thing, though. I simply can't believe that it's actually the migrants Claudine is trying to help. From watching the video, I get the impression she thrives on degradation and abuse. Like a battered wife who keeps going back for more, she feels on some level that she deserves it. In this, Claudine is far from alone. This sort of cultural masochism appears to be a phenomenon of that age bracket. I believe Claudine wants to broadcast this element because she enjoys the humiliation of it.

Whether this betrays some sexual fetish or simply a general lack of any self-esteem or dignity is not clear and is really the business of Claudine and her merry band alone. What is clear is that she is at the very sharp end of a phenomenon which is basically destroying the western world. The fact that this swarm of aggressive and vicious migrants have even got as far as Calais, quite possibly with the help of the British navy, is an absolute disaster. 

It would be quite possible for us to stop this. By simply doing nothing instead of assisting their illegal passage to Italy, it is quite likely that the numbers would be greatly reduced as far fewer would even attempt the crossing. Actually turning boats back would probably deter even more. A contributory welfare policy would make the country far less attractive. Having and enforcing a sensible immigration policy should make the number of illegal immigrants and genuine asylum seekers negligible. 

That would be no good for Claudine and her ilk because they actively want to see western countries destroyed by mass third world immigration. They want scorn and degradation because they actually hate themselves and western culture so much that they believe it is deserved. They seem to derive some sick pleasure from being mugs. Taken advantage of by the very worst that humanity has to offer.

There's nothing especially complex about stopping this, we simply lack the political will to do it because an influential section of the public who are disproportionately represented in government and the media seem to share what appears to be a rather sick fetish for this sort of degradation. They feed off sharing it publically and crave ever more of it, and they are quite literally destroying western civilisation to fulfil it.