Monday, 24 August 2015

Collective Masochism: The Cuckolds of Calais

And I didn't have to look very far for the first example of this crackpot sexual fetish which has come to dominate the political mainstream. Gleefully reported in The Guardian.

Meet Linda and Yves. A soppy couple in their late 50s who took in a Syrian migrant, 20-year-old Sayid. Linda cooked and danced to Syrian pop music with him. She reports that Sayid had said she was like a mother to him, and how she felt that it was something she had to do. There is a picture of them walking the dogs on the beach, Sayid proudly standing in the middle of the pathetic couple.

Yves, the hapless and weak-willed "father" who had the double pleasure of being cuckolded and having his daughter degraded by Sayid, wears his shame like a trophy. He reports with pride how their neighbours were "scandalised" by these arrangements and now cross the street to avoid him.

Of course "scandals" are racy and fun, but sorry to say Yves it was probably less of a scandal and more a mix of pity and disgust, with a healthy dose of anger at their new neighbour, who if he can't even hold back from criticising his hosts daughter one can only imagine how he might have behaved towards neighbours even less sympathetic.

And believe it or not it wasn't all a fairy tale. He would criticise their daughter, also 20 years old, for having uncovered hair and not yet being married. It's worth repeating that. This charming young man who was staying for free in their home and eating their food while attempting to illegally migrate to Britain, took it upon himself to criticise their daughter for not behaving like a third world Muslim.

Sayid eventually made it to Britain, leaving a big empty illegal migrant shaped hole in their hearts, and was housed in a B&B, presumably at the tax payers expense. His asylum application was rejected, so now he's living in Wakefield. Obviously.

Can this be read as anything other than a couple living out a cuckold fantasy?