Friday, 14 August 2015

The Empire Bum's Rush

Since neither our own government, the French government nor our "partners" in the wondrous European Union have shown any ability of even desire to solve the utter mess at Calais, I propose a private sector solution - simply load them on boats that we say are bound for England and sail them straight back to Africa where they can find far better refuge in the lands of their Muslim brethren.

Talking to a friend who works in shipping he reckoned on about £12,000 for a decent sized boat to sail to Morocco carrying up to 100 passengers.

I'll call it the Empire Bum's Rush.

To this end I've set up a Just Giving crowd funding site here where people can donate. I've set the target at £1 million, because this will be an ongoing project until would be migrants get the message that it is simply not acceptable to turn up in Europe with no visa and no money and no right to be here, and that it is very unwise to pay significant amounts of money to people trafficking gangs in order to do this.