Thursday, 27 August 2015


One of the ways in which the entire western world is utterly miss handling militant Islam is by focusing on large scale terror attacks and the despotic lunacy of groups like ISIS in the middle east.

Look at any part of the world where Muslim and non-Muslim populations live side by side and you will find problems with a number of common themes. As this demographic grows to be a larger proportion of the British population and the dominant group in certain areas I can't see any reason to believe that the same problems won't increase here.

Never mind the London attacks, the Lee Rigby killing or other such incidents which are extremely rare. Look at the systematic child sex abuse in Rotherham, or the deliberate Islamisation of schools in Birmingham and the systematic election fraud in Tower Hamlets. Look at so called "self-policing" where rape and murder go unreported in some areas.

And look at the way the authorities deal with this. Or don't. Systematically covering it up and allowing it to grow. And this list, admittedly published with a very clear agenda but no less true for it, of racially aggravated crimes against whites overwhelmingly by Muslims, and of the lenient treatment of offenders.

Then look at Kosovo, Chechnya, Burma, western China, southern Thailand, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, East Timor, Sri Lanka, India and just about anywhere else in the world where a significant proportion of the population are Muslim and a majority are not, and you see the same pattern of violence, sexual abuse and intimidation from Muslims going hand-in-hand with claims they are oppressed and discriminated against.

This is not just a bit of friction or a few isolated incidents, it's a consistent pattern of behaviour. And nor is it something that was dreamed up by the tabloids. The Covenant of Umar sets out the terms for non-Muslims in Muslim conquered lands and outlines their status as second class citizens. This has been applied in some form by Muslims for centuries across the middle east and north Africa and other areas where they have come to dominate.

Of course it's not all Muslims, but nor is it just a few extremists. I suspect this sort of militancy is inherent in the way that evangelism is inherent to Christianity - you can be observant and sincere in your faith without it, however the urge to spread the good word and the feeling that doing so is a favour to the recipients appears to be very real and constant.

The result is dhimmitude. Areas where non-Muslims must be on their guard. Schools, prisons and other institutions being held hostage by the need to accommodate Muslim eating practices, observe Muslim prayer patterns and bend to the particular sensitivities of Muslims, and "authorities" who are too afraid of the shrill cries of racism and Islamophobia to act.

So don't just look at how many people are killed and seriously injured by explicit Islamic terrorist attacks in a given period of time in one place. Look at how huge swathes of the non-Muslim world are under constant attack, and how non-Muslims end up with living in fear, and and ask if this is something we really want to run the risk of replicating in Britain?

For me the answer is very simple No. I don't care a jot about international treaty obligations, they come and go. I can sacrifice the humanist, secular values which say that we should treat everyone equally regardless of religious beliefs, and that we should be welcoming to those seeking a better life. I can throw out my libertarian belief that border and immigration controls are a hindrance to the operation of a free market. And if that falls under some people's definition of racism so be it.

I would happily halt all further Muslim immigration tomorrow, have a strict system of deportation for any foreign criminals convicted of crimes in Britain and have an open campaign of rooting out Islamism in public institutions. I am also coming around to the idea of some sort of elective repatriation for those with dual nationality or recently acquired British citizenship who either choose it or who are convicted of certain crimes. For example 10 years for racially aggravated assault, or 3 years if you renounce British citizenship and leave the country permanently.