Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lauren Booth - Supreme Cultural Masochist

I missed this at the time but in 2010 Lauren Booth, half-sister of Cherie Blair, converted to Islam. She's now set up a blog full of nonsense, promoting Islam and denigrating Britain. It's quite an interesting insight into the mind of an über cultural masochist.

We hear how unfair it is that vocal Muslims face extra security checks, just because a few of their number happen to have flown planes into buildings to make their point. We hear how Islam is good for the environment, and the generosity of Muslims brings communities together, two favourite hobby horses of the left. We hear how it's people vs. government on the case of refugees, 'the people' saying let them in and the government saying No. She obviously doesn't speak to the same people I do, but then seeing as she lives in Qatar, who have taken a grand total of zero Syrian refugees as far as I can tell, she wouldn't.

Her article about inviting her mother to Qatar which is illuminating too. Their respect for the elderly and parents in particular is admirable, though in Lauren's case clearly this respect hasn't prevented her from moving half way around the world to pursue Islam or mocking her mother's fear and antipathy towards Islamic extremism. Instead she tells her that Qatar is "like Cannes in the 1950s,with lots of glossy sheikhs wafting around and beautiful women, dressed modestly and behaving with casual decorum.” In contrast with a picture of an elderly white British woman covered in blankets, clutching a hot water bottle and sitting by a gas fire with the mocking subtitle "Another British pensioner lives life to the full."

This is probably the most telling. Of course Booth wasn't in Cannes in the 1950s. She means it's like her romanticised vision of Cannes in the 1950s. Stylish and elegant where Britain is stuffy and conservative. Exciting and intriguing where Britain is drab and familiar. Flogging and stoning wasn't legal in Cannes in the 50s of course, but let's not get too hung up (pardon the pun) on such trivia. If you're a well off, liberal lefty looking for something stylish and exciting then converting to Islam and having a place Qatar trumps any amount of volunteering in Africa or buying a bolt hole in Tuscany. It's way more committed than getting a tattoo. Let alone such a simple and mundane thing as looking after your elderly mother and adhering to the culture she brought you up in. Suck on that big sis.

Of course, Booth fits few people's definition of a normal or decent person in many ways. She left her husband Craig Darby after he a motorbike accident left him with brain damage, and her way of finding a husband might raise some eyebrows, or indeed some stone throwing hands, in the countries of her adopted religion.

It all starts to paint a picture of a selfish and rather bitter woman with a grudge against Britain, choosing the most shocking way to rebel and denigrate western civilisation by aligning themselves with it's most aggressive enemy. For Tony Blair's sister in law it might all seem chic and stylish, something to write Guardian articles about as though converting to Islam was something akin to becoming a vegan or joining Greenpeace. Of course this is not the reality for the dim witted school girls who elope to join ISIS or for the girls who do their rebellious exploration closer to home and end up being raped by Muslims in Rotherham or elsewhere.

It's not quite clear whether these attention whores actually understand that Islam is not some exciting diversion like a tattoo or a motorbike. It's a vicious death cult which is busily engaged in maiming, killing and oppressing millions of people across the world. If they don't then they're just gullible fools, but I suspect they know full well what Islam is, but are so consumed by their hatred of western civilisation that they don't care.