Monday, 5 October 2015

Fight Eggs with Eggs - Not Shit Eating Grins

Looking at that young man who got egged at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, I couldn't help but feel that it painted a rather pathetic picture of the state of the so called right. Not that the Conservatives are really right wing in any meaningful sense, but they are the least left wing of the major parties. I was quietly pleased, if not ecstatic when they won the election and while hardly radical their attempt to reign in the worst excesses of the public sector largesse they inherited from Labour seems a worthwhile exercise.

Of course it's no great surprise to see the shrill left "protesting" outside, often aggressively shoving, blocking paths and throwing eggs. In a perfect photo op, one young Tory was hit right on the head with an egg. So there he is, this preppy looking Young Conservative with a gormless grin laughing at being hit by an egg. Great.

Where's the F off? Where's the anger? Where's the eye for an eye? It's fine to take these things in good humour, but you can't just take these things lying down. Egg them back. This is not the new testament, it's a power game. John Prescott understood this, which is why he lamped the man who egged him in Wales in 2001.

Seems like a small thing but it goes right to the heart of the total failure of British conservatives to make any mark or be taken seriously - they're too damn nice. The term cuckservative describes it well.