Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Great Guilt Trip

It was 12°C in Calais last night, where 6,000 illegal immigrants are still camped out trying to illegally enter England. Munich was 8°C. Malmo in northerly Sweden was a positively balmy 13°C. The migrant crisis has gone on against a backdrop of an unusually mild winter over most of the continent. This will almost certainly not last.

I don't suppose anyone knows with any accuracy how many migrants are actually sleeping rough across Europe at the moment but they certainly do know that there are many, and as it gets colder it will get much harder, especially for those from warm climates to sleep outside.

Over the next few weeks it will turn much colder and people who are ill equipped and unaccustomed to cold weather will die if they are sleeping in damp makeshift shelters without heating. Again, officials know this. Migrants know this. Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that you can not sleep outside in northern Europe during the winter. Every year homeless and elderly people die this way. Any day now we could have a cold snap.

That means that any day now we could see news reports with the dead bodies of migrants being carried out of their makeshift shelters having succumbed to hypothermia. An amateur cynic might say that if this stems the flow of illegal migrants from the third world then it is a price worth paying, however distasteful anyone might find dead bodies. However, a truly accomplished cynic would notice that throughout 2015 perilous attempts to enter Europe have been orchestrated and encouraged and the drowned babies that have resulted from them have been used as a stick with which to beat those who oppose mass Islamic immigration, and say how cruel and heartless are those who wish to enforce, let alone tighten, our immigration laws.

How much more effective would this guilt trip be with the corpses of women and children being carried out of camps in Calais and Malmo? Tiny body bags laid by adult ones. If a handful of these stories come out, in the run up to the season of goodwill how will Europe react? How many really have the stomach to say let them die, or deport them? Do we even have the ability to deport these undocumented people in this time frame? To where? Even ship them, against their will, to warmer climes within the EU would be a logistical and political nightmare?

Of course we have no such stomach anyway. European politicians and the public will cave in and house them, and as a result millions more will come. The media, the government, the churches and the Islamist terrorists who have manufactured this crisis will have achieved their ends for the price of a few dozen deaths or poor, ignorant migrants and the women and children they drag along with them. Something they have already proven themselves completely indifferent to. The already strong fifth column of angry young Muslim men across the continent will be further strengthened, and the pathological self-loathing masquerading as good nature, will be even more ripe for exploitation.

If we want to have any chance of stopping this blatant set-up from being a success then we had better fortify ourselves now for the sight of people frozen to death, in Europe, and reconcile ourselves to the idea that the migrants themselves and the 'kindness' of the liberal left have brought this about by encouraging vast numbers of people to come here in this fashion.