Monday, 7 September 2015

Tin Foil Hat

As a keen wielder of Occam's Razor I tend to throw out conspiracy theories pretty quickly as convoluted explanations which rely on too many guesses, when there is enough errant nonsense and blatant lies spouted publically to last any angry man several lifetimes.

However, if the current migrant crisis leads as it probably will to calls for joint European efforts on asylum and foreign policy, and an EU defence force to back this up, haven't we had a brilliant few years of disastrous British foreign policy to make it seem like an attractive option? From our foolish intervention in the Balkans, to the disaster of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the idiotic overthrow of Gadaffi with no follow up plan, and our tinkering around in Syria despite parliament roundly rejecting our involvement. 

All of these things have directly contributed to the current crisis, and all were apparently inspired by a stupid desire to run behind the US and pretend we're part of some sort of global crusade for freedom, but one which we clearly don't have the military or financial might to make good on.

What better background against which to frame a new approach, pooling our resources with our more humanitarian European neighbours to have an EU foreign policy which Britain can be a leading part of? What better carrot to dangle in front of a vainglorious dimwit like David Cameron than the irresistible prospect of facing the President of the US as a true equal? 

In short, if you wanted to discredit the whole idea of a British foreign policy and pave the way for it's replacement with an EU one, you couldn't do much better than the dismal mess of nearly everything we have done since 1997.