Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bloody Asians

Reading about the dreadful Rotherham abuse scandal, where the council basically covered up child abuse for fear of upsetting Muslims, I noticed preferred term appears to be "Asian." Look at this BBC article which manages the extraordinary feat of discussing the whole case without once even mentioning the religion of peace. They mention that the abusers were Asian, and note that many of them were from Pakistan, but not their religion. Which seems sort of significant.

"Asian" is a peculiar term. If you were to outline Asia on a map of the world it would take in Russia east of the Ural mountains, down through the Bosphorus, down Suez and out into the Indian ocean all the way beneath Indonesia to the northern coast of Australia, and up north past the Phillippines to Japan. It's a huge area which covers the majority of the world's population and land mass. It's a very loose definition inherited from ancient Greece, where it was used to define just about everything to the east.

I wonder how other "Asians" feel about this in relation to child abuse gangs. How do Indian and Chinese people feel about the media discussing Asian abuse gangs because of one very specific group people from within the vast and varied chunk of planet earth.

These are plainly and simply Muslim gangs who abused non-Muslim children and hid behind the fact that the council and the police were too afraid of offending them to tackle the problem. The continued cowardice of the media is acknowledging this fact is not helping anyone.