Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bahar Mustafa - Empty Vessels Make Most Noise

The apparently obnoxious pink haired twerp Bahar Mustafa has popped up again. That's right, the one who shot to fame by banning heterosexual white men from her meeting, and went on to use her limelight to tweet that she wanted to kill all white men. Next the left wing figure of fun claimed as a minority woman herself she can't possibly be sexist ot racist which appears to make no sense at all.

So I finally bit. What does she actually think? Out of morbid curiosity I looked around for any blog, pamphlets or opinion pieces she might have where I could actually understand what was behind these extraordinary militant statements. What did she want to say? What was she so effectively drawing attention to?

The best I could find was this rather scant webpage asking for support in her campaign to be re-elected as Diversity Officer at Goldsmiths, which does include a couple of quite nicely written articles on growing up as the rebellious daughter of a Turkish-Cypriot family in London. One of these morphs into an attack on The Sun and another which explores certain facets of sexual politics in very broad and general terms. Neither is especially revolutionary or really underpins her image of a white man hating, feminist firebrand. There are tweets, quotes, and snippets galore on YouTube both from Bahar herself and of course many from her detractors. But nowhere can I find any further exploration of her ideas. Why does she want to kill all white men? Why can't minorities be racist, or women sexist? What is she for and what is she against?

So what is this strange Bahar creature? I'm inclined to think she is just an ace troll, who by virtue of a minor bureaucratic position in her Student Union is able to rattle cages with extreme statements, yet can not back them up with any coherent argument. A Twitter superstar. Like so many left wingers, firebrand and otherwise, there is obviously the germ of a decent thought in there, but apparently a refusal to subject it to the vigors of an actual debate when a glib soundbite can generate so much more attention while requiring no such mental effort.