Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Last Chance

Something really important is happening later this year. Politicians and bureaucrats from across the globe will fly to Paris for a climate summit, and guess what? It's our last chance to save the world from devastation. Sound familiar?

According to the New Scientist we had our last chance as far back as 1992. Copenhagen was our last last chance in 2009, despite the fact that these ghouls meet every year to dream up new scare stories.
Unfortunately for them in 2009 the wind was well and truly taken out of their mills by the release, just before the summit, of leaked emails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) showing how scientists were manipulating and suppressing data to find global warming when it didn't exist. Of course the academic, scientific and political establishment moved quickly to stamp on this, and to defend the "scientific consensus" (a stupid term, as science is based on objectively provable facts, not a negotiated agreement) around climate change.

Now, six years on it doesn't feel any warmer, the Maldives haven't disappeared under the sea and the memory of "climategate" is fading. So lucky us, it seems we have another last chance.

Or at least they do. Another chance to rip us off, dream up destructive regulations and impose their new religion on people who weren't seeking a new religion to start with. And they are grabbing it with both hands.

I once had the misfortune to meet a conman who floated around expat meeting points hawking dubious investments, insurance policies and savings schemes to the gullible. He wasn't really much good at it, and I figured him out quite quickly. Eventually a few months later he and his company were very publicly taken to task by "customers" and the conman had his eye blackened by one disgruntled investor. He disappeared for a few months and I thought that was that. Then I ran into him again, and bold as brass he greeted me like an old friend and proceeded to tell me what a great deal he could give me on a pension plan. He nearly had his eye blackened again. 

Mostly irrelevant to climate change, but the point is that he was able to simply block out the past where he had been taken to task for a liar and a fraud and approach me offering to "help." It's what conmen and psychopaths do. They fool themselves, or at least organise their mind in such a way that I imagine he really, sincerely believed I was an old friend who may be interested in his pension product. 

In much the same way as this conman the largely discredited climate change industry has been lying relatively low for a few years. They now appear to be coming back for another go at a major treaty committing the west to economic ruin. They glossed over and forgot about the fact that they were exposed as fraudsters, licked their wounds and come back pretending it never happened.

It's up to us to make sure we don't forget this brief view into the ridiculous world of climate fraud, and don't get taken in by it. Climate change policies are already doing huge damage to western economies with carbon taxes, absurd regulations, power shortages and foolish transport policies. Our last chance to avoid this idiocy has been and gone, and it's high time we started reversing it.