Friday, 7 November 2014

Winning our own money

It seemed too good to be true for UKIP, and it was. A cynic might even say it was stage managed, a cynical stunt to show Cameron’s government “standing up for Britain” in Europe.

A few weeks before a by election where the Conservative party faces losing what should be a safe seat to UKIP following the defection of their MP Mark Reckless, the European Union issued a demand for £1.7 billion to be paid by December the 1st. This was based on our better than expected economic performance, and a new method of accounting that takes into account the massive gains Britain makes from drugs and prostitution.

Then lo and behold, a deal is struck. Britain will now pay half the amount originally demanded, and in two installments. The spirit of Thatcher’s handbag rises again, and the headlines praise Cameron and Osbourne’s resolve in dealing with the grabbing mandarins of Brussels.

True to his word Cameron did not pay the full amount by December 1st, he instead agreed to pay it by September next year, and net of the rebate that we would have received in the same period anyway.

A cynic might say Cameron has manipulated this story in an attempt to win a by election by claiming to have won our own money back when he has actually done no such thing. And shame on anyone gullible enough to be fooled by this.